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Tip of the Week 

Craps - The Don't Pass line


Most Craps players like betting the pass line.  Myself included. Betting the don't pass line is viewed as taboo or betting against everyone else. One of the advantages of online betting is that you don't have to worry about peer pressure since you're playing in the comfort of your own computer. To cut to the chase... Betting on the Don't pass line is one of the best bets in the Casino.  Please review my Craps Vig Chart.  As you can see, the house advantage is only 1.402 which is slightly better than the pass line. I would like to suggest a tip this week that many good don't players take advantage of.  On the come out roll, place $15.00 on the don't pass line and $1.00 on the Yo/Eleven bet.  The $1.00 bet is safeguarding your don't pass line bet in case an eleven is thrown on the come out. Once you establish a Don't number, you will be in an advantage position against the house. ie if the point is  6 or 8, you'll have 6 ways of winning and five ways of losing. If the point is 5 or 9 you'll have 6 ways of winning versus 4 ways of losing for the 5 and 9. Your position gets even stronger if the point is 4 or 10.... 6 versus 3.  Try it, it's a great play.  My first choice for Craps is at 24kt Gold Casino.   Their bonus structures are straight forward and not misleading.  Payoffs for Craps ie odds behind the line... are 3X!! Most Casinos offer 1X or 2x.  You'd be a fool to play Craps at those Casinos. If you love Craps like I do, play where I play 24kt Gold Casino

 They have the highest payoff ratio on the internet for table games... Between 98.2 and 98.6% month after month. Why is that? Because their game is structured for higher Craps and Table game payoffs. This is driven by their 3X odds limit!!   Download the software and give it a try!!  I had a lot of players win last month using this simple strategy. Click banner below to get started.