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Slot Terms

Basic or Straight Slots-  Slots which have a jackpot payout that remains level or constant.

Bonus Video Slots:  Bonus Slots are brand labeled machines.  Bonus Slots gives the player an opportunity to qualify for  a second chance bonus round where the payoffs are much higher.  Bonus Slots utilize a multitude of symbols.  Multiple pay-lines range from 5 to 9.

Bonus Multiplier Slots - Machines which require max coins in order to receive top payoffs and bonuses. It's in the players best interest to play the max coins.. if he/she doesn't max out, they risk not getting paid on certain winning combinations.

Buy your Pay: With each coin played, the slot machine will state the agreed payout or payout formation. More wagered results in larger payoffs.

Double Machines: pays double or triple when certain symbols line up.

Loose Slots- Slots having a higher payout percentage.  This is greatly due to having more payout symbols.

Multiplier Slots   pays on a graduated scale. ie 1 coin pays 5, 2 coins pay 10. 3 coins pay 15. etc Payoff % is usually higher when the player uses max coins

Progressive Slots:  Big jackpots are born and raised with Progressives Slots.  These are the million dollar winners.  A larger bankroll is a must to get a fighting chance.  All progressives are at least three coin max slots with two jackpot levels. After a jackpot is reached, values are reset back to the minimums.  Sometimes it takes months for the Jackpot to hit. It behooves the player to max his/her wagers.

RNG - Random Number Generator,  this a computer chip placed inside the slot machine by the manufacturer which randomly selects thousands of numbers and symbols every second, faster than you can pull the handle or push the spin button;  Each number corresponds to a certain symbol combination that is randomly chosen after the first coin is dropped or credit played. The RNG also determines the identified slot machines average payout percentage.  Since every programmed outcome is random, every spin becomes random.

Reels:  displays the symbols on the machine. Most slot machines have three to five.

Signature Slots: Slots that have the casinos brand on them. Some argue they don't pay as well.

Slot Schedule: this is the slots information profile that is posted on front of the machine.  It will tell you what type of slot it is, what cash or coin deposit it takes, and the winning amounts pay scale for each coin played. This is very important information for the player to read and understand.

Slots Drop  &  Hold: Drop:  Slot drop is the wagers that go through the slot. Hold Drop is the amount which is not paid out as wins; The combination of these two numbers determines the slot machines payout percentage.

Tight Slots -- Tight slots have fewer symbols.  Therefore, they have less of a  payout percentage compared to the Loose Slots.

Up/Down Slot Cycle:  A slot machines average payoff percentage rate is determined over many spins. A down cycle refers to lower than average  payouts and  an Up cycle refers to the slot machines higher than average payoffs.



Slot Terms