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Is No Bonus Better

Are Casino Bonuses always worth it?  Let's break down an example of a bonus that's presently available with an online Casino. I won't mention their name. Here is the offer. Deposit $1000 and the Casino will match $400 for a total Bankroll of $1400. Wow, Great Deal!!  Hold on.  The Terms and Conditions read " You must wager 20 times your deposit and bonus before making any cashouts. If you withdraw before having reached the minimum requirements, your bonus and winnings will be void."  Your wager requirement is 1400 X 20 = $28,000.  If your average bet is $25 per hand that's 28000/25 = 1120 hands.

Here is my question to you.  Are you mentally prepared to play this many hands? Do you have a game plan to do so? Are you equipped to calculate your aggregate wagers correctly. - If not, you could risk losing your $400 bonus and any accrued winnings. Is this worth it?

Here is my opinion on this example.  If you already have a bankroll of $1000, then you have more than enough to give the Casinos a good run.  Let's say after 74 hands you're up $240, you may want to cash out with no restrictions or Terms and Conditions to deal with.  Having the freedom to play on your terms is worth more in most cases.

I am not against Bonuses or Bonus Matching. In most instances the player should take advantage of them.  However, if you have a strong bankroll, take a look at the Terms and Conditions and decide if it makes sense for you.  Some of the best players I know always play the online casinos straight up with no Bonuses or Terms and Conditions attached.
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Is No Bonus Better