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  Online gambling advice serious players
Casino Bonus Basics/ Casino Bonus 101


Bonus Max-   The maximum bonus amount allowed with a particular promotion.

Bonus Percentage- The % bonus matching by the Casino based on the Players initial Deposit.

Play Through / Wage Requirements - The Required amount of aggregate betting in order for the player to fulfill the Terms and Conditions.  These are normally 10X 15X 20X 25X 30X 35X 40X the sum of the Player Deposit and the match by the Casino.

Rule #1.   Always read and understand the Terms and Conditions of your Bonus or Promotion program before playing.

Reviewing Terms and Conditions Before You Play

There are four important  Bonus factors to check in an Online Casino's Terms and Conditions before you begin playing.

#1)  Is the Bonus from the Casino Cashable or Non Cashable?  Review my article  Casino Bonus 101

#2)  Does the Casino allow the player to bypass the bonus offer? It may be in your best interest not to take the Casino's promotional bonus offer. See my article Is no Bonus Better?

#3)  What are the wager requirements that are attached to the bonus?  Make sure you know if the wager requirement is based on the deposit only or the deposit plus the bonus.  The difference can be substantial.

#4)  What games are restricted in regards to the Casino's promotional Bonus offer? Often casinos will restrict low house advantage games like Baccarat, Craps or Roulette.  If you play these games, you're better off bypassing the Casino Bonus and playing with 100% of your own money.

By checking these four factors you will become a smarter player and safeguard yourself from being trapped into a bonus promotion that is problematic and not in your best interest.  If you follow this advice, you will be ahead of the majority of online players.  Check back next week for my Tip of the Week.


There are two basic types of bonuses, Cashable and Non Cashable   Here is an example. Casino ABC is offering a 25% match on your Deposit up to $50 with a 20X wage requirement.  This means if you deposit $100.00, the Casino will match $25 for an initial bankroll of $125.00. In order to Cash out you would need to have an aggregate wager of 125.00 X 20 = $2500.  Let's keep our example, if you started with 125 in your bankroll and ended up with $180 you would be entitled to all $180 if the bonus was Cashable or $155 (180-25) if the bonus was Non Cashable.  Think smart before you play. All Casinos have variations to their bonus programs. Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions before you begin. If you're dealing with large Bonuses that are Non Cashable with High Wager Requirements, please do the math. My last point, some Casinos have certain limits on the amount you can win with a particular bonus program.  This is referred to as a Maximum Cash Out.  In most instances, I find them to be more than fair.  If Maximum Cash Out comes in to play with you, then you have a very good problem on your hands. Be sure to review the Maximum Cashout requirements, they vary depending upon your deposit and bonus.  I often see Terms and Conditions that are very ambiguous and very hard to understand... If this situation arises for you, please send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to give you my opinion.

Some Casinos have game restrictions attached to wager requirements. Here is a common one--"Baccarat, Roulette and Craps do not count towards your minimum wagering requirement."  You need to check this if your preference is to play these lower house advantage games.

I make a point to review and qualify the Terms and Conditions for all the Casinos that I recommend.  Below is my top choice for the best bonus program on the net.  Try the 24kt Gold Casinobelow. This bonus program is an excellent choice. It was voted the best bonus program in 2004. You can't go wrong with it! No Bull, just the facts.



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Casino Bonus Basics / Casino Bonus 101